UniversalDigital Identity

Synaps lets you create & manage your digital identity online. Share your secure identity among our trusted network of partners to access features that requires identity verification.


Synaps Trusted Network

Synaps customers comes from many industries including banking, insurance, gambling, cryptocurrency and many more. All those customers makes a powerful network for Synaps and its users. Users can share in a few click their secure identity with apps that are part of the Synaps Network.

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Manage your digital ID

  • Get verified once

    A single verification through our fast onboarding process is all it takes on Synaps.

  • Share your identity with our trusted network

    Once verified, you can share your identity easily on our network to access platforms that require identity verification.

  • Manage what your share

    Your Synaps passport lets you manage your authorized applications and control how you want to share your identity.


Easily verify user identity

Synaps verify your users in the easiest way possible. Simply integrate our solution to your website and get ready to begin.


Synaps created a standard that suits all industries.


Identity documents are encrypted using AES-256 standard and stored in an isolated environment.


Users are able to share their identity with a partner in less than 30 seconds.


Choose among our modules and build an onboarding flow that fit your needs.


Every company has different needs. This is the main reason why Synaps is designed in a modular way, so that you can personalize and tailor your workflow accordingly. Add different steps, request additional documents, restrict some countries – everything is built to be flexible for you.

  • Identity Documents

    ID verification from over 190+ countries

  • Proof of residency

    Utility Bill, Bank Statement, Legal document checks

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

    250+ Global Sanctions Watchlists & Adverse Media

  • Corporate

    Entity, Directors & Ultimate Beneficial Owners verification

  • Phone

    Mobile number verification

Synaps Manager

Manage your apps, verification flows, integration and all users that were part of your onboarding process.

Built to be simple

Everything you need to begin user verification is on your Synaps Manager account.

  • Verification flow

    Create onboarding steps according to your requirements.

  • Onboarded users

    View all users onboarded on your app and their verification details.

  • Team management

    Give access to your compliance officers, developers or any of your colleagues.

  • Easy integration

    Get access to Web SDK and a step-by-step integration process. See also our full documentation on how to integrate our solution.


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