Universal, Secure & Reusable KYC

Verify your identity with Synaps
to share it with our partners in a single click.

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Manage & share your identity online in a safe way


We are creating a standard that is fitted to work with both decentralized (dApps) and centralized (banks, broker dealers, exchanges) systems.


Best in-class security with AES-256 encrypted KYC. Every documents are store in our encrypted vault isolated from the world.


Verify your identity once and for all. You will then be able to simply share it in a single click with our partners to access their services.

Only share what you want

Select the information you are willing to share with our partners. We will never share more than what you decide

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Know who you are sharing with

Thanks to our app manager you can manage who can access your identity online. You'll be able to revoke these accesses at any moment.

Verify your identity once and get access to the entire ecosystem

Flexible KYC Verification

Choose between a large range of modules so you can get the solution that really fits your need. Easy to integrate and customize.

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General Verification

We verify basic information such as email, phone number, proof of residency or source of funds.

ID Verification

We verify identity documents from more than 190+ countries in order to identify their authenticity.

AML Verification

We check all users against more than 300+ screening lists

Flexible Workflow

Adapt and customize the verification worflow to fit your need and respect your branding.